“Maryann’s professionalism and expertise are second to none. Not only has she increased my business substantially, but she’s also assisted with graphic art, designs, creative concepts and much more. She’s also very easy to work with, provides intelligent and inquisitive insights and is very efficient and effective.  She is also solution-focused and has extraordinary integrity. Having Maryann on your team is a stroke of good luck–but get on it before all her time is booked! I highly recommend Maryann’s services to anyone looking to expand their business and fine tune their image. You won’t find more quality assistance. She’s one of the best people I’ve worked with in over 10 years of owning my own businesses.”
Julie Pech / Author,The Chocolate Therapist: A User’s Guide to the Extraordinary Health Benefits of Chocolate www.TheChocolateTherapist.com

“Hiring Maryann was one of the best things I did for my book and my business. Her creative ideas, her willingness to spend unhurried time, and her artistic craftsmanship was superb. I continue to call on her advice and expertise, as she is wonderful at what she does….and at a very reasonable price! You cannot go wrong with Maryann.”
Tammy Bleck Author/Speaker

“Maryann is a creative, detail oriented marketer, who thinks outside the box. She is a delight to work with, easy going, fun and gets the job done effectively.”
Leslie Miller , Editor

“Maryann took on the operations of our ISSSEEM conference bookstore (Boulder,June 2008 -2011). I confidently ‘consulted’ with her only as needed as she proactively, thoroughly, caringly, and effectively recreated the systems, found volunteer workers, ordered the perfect products and created the welcoming space that brought 400% year over year gain from bookstore proceeds to our organization. Maryann is a joy to know and a pleasure to work beside. I am honored and delighted to have retained her to assist us with our marketing and PR going forward.”
Denise LewisPremschak , CEO , ISSSEEM (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine

“I hired Maryann to provide a strategic plan for using Social Networking sites for my campaign for Coroner in Douglas County. I found Maryann to be very creative and knowledgeable about using Networking sites to my best advantage.”
Lora Thomas Douglas County Coroner

“I have had the pleasure of being an expert at Maryann’s Laptop Cafe. Maryann’s creative nature showed through by creating the Laptop Cafe – a wonderful gathering of people to network and provide services! Her website doesn’t do justice to what she does and I recommend contacting her as she knows what she is doing!
Elizabeth Lewis , Attorney, www.eclewis.com

“Maryann’s Q&A Laptop Cafe is a great place for small business owners to come with questions. From networking online to computer solutions to new tools to help your business that you never thought of, she assembles a group of local ‘experts’ every month to help you out, free of charge! I don’t know of any event like it in the greater Denver area. Also, it can be a great place to network, and just spend some time with fellow entrepreneurs.”

Matt Weeden  Matt Weeden Designs
“I attend Maryann’s Q&A Laptop Café every month. It’s well organized and Maryann always has an array of superbly talented people ready to share their expertise with all who come. I come away with new friends and new knowledge.
Gary Hall , Creative Director/Owner/Book Designer , Greystroke Creative
I attend Maryann’s Q&A Laptop Cafe, and she always has a host of great experts there to help small businesses grow. Her social media expertise has given me a marketing advantage.”
Carol Wilkinson , Owner, Freelance Writer/Editor/Analyst , Wordzwrite

“I hired Maryann to create my media one-sheet in preparation for the National Publicity Summit in NYC. She did a superb job and most importantly did so with a very fast turnaround. She has a keen sense of detail, creativity, and spark! Making her a true joy to work with.”
Brian Schwartz  Author/Speaker 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs

“Maryann’s imaginative Q&A Laptop Cafe positions her as a conduit of innovative marketing for the book community. I was delighted to be a guest, presenting Blogging and Writing for the Internet. A great opportunity to network.Q&A Cafe is an innovative way for folks to learn about Internet communication and commerce. A brilliant way to network. Maryann is a genius.”

Anne Randolph , Founder , Soup Kitchen Table Writingwww.KitchenTableWriting.com

“As Host of the Q&A Laptop Cafe, Maryann has provided me with incredible guidance and knowledge about social networking. Applying what I have learned at the Q&A Laptop Cafe has increased my company’s presence within the online/web community. Involving my company in social networking has helped to increase my company’s income but, most importantly, it has provided increased services and items of value for my customers. I would highly recommend Maryann Swartz and the Q&A Laptop Cafe to anyone interested in social networking but don’t know how to start or how it might help their business.”
Cyndi Philkill , President , Equipped to Serve, Inc.

“Maryann put together the Q&A Laptop Cafe as an informational sharing and network event. She has done a great job and always has good people presenting their expertise and skill sets. Friendly and informative. I always enjoy attending. I highly recommend Maryann and this event.”
Steve Stone , Consultant / Owner , Options Multimedia

 “Maryann is a delightful and refreshing professional to work with. Her voluntary hosting of a Laptop Cafe has helped me and many others to get up to speed on the emerging social media. I look forward to a long and productive association with her.”
Ken Gibson , President & eCommerce Consultant , Gibson Enterprises

“Having attended Maryann’s Q&A Laptop Cafe, I can attest to the fact she is an accomplished facilitator. She gathers people together creating for their collaboration an atmosphere that is totally supportive, and she enables them and encourages them to share their expertise in a way that is truly beneficial to all involved.”

Joyce Miller , Owner , Integrated Writer Services LLC
 “I attended a lap top cafe recently and was impressed with the quality of professionals that Maryann brings together every month. After being coached on how to set up and maximize my Facebook account, I happily spent the rest of my time working on my site and listening to the other conversations around me. Many people went from expert to expert and received assistance on multiple issues at one cafe. The nice thing about the set up and is you can use it how you need and not be regulated into a rigid format. I highly recommend the Laptop Cafes to anyone with the need but especially solopreneurs who need the help of multiple professionals in one setting. Jane Stanfield Where Is She Heading”
Jane Stanfield Author, Where is She Heading

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